Create Your Dream Home Workshop

Create Your Dream Home Workshop

Homeownership is something to be proud of.

In such a competitive market, finding the house of your dreams is not only extremely difficult but highly competitive.

How many times have you fallen in love with a house, only to lose it to someone else? Instead, your time can be best spent doing one of two things. You can either work with the house you already have and remodel it into your dream home. Or you can start from scratch, buy an empty lot and build your dream home from the ground up.

I took everything I have learned in the last 27 years and created the “How To Build Your Dream Home Workshop” to walk you through both the Homebuilding and Remodeling Process. Not only will I answer any questions you have, you’ll walk out with clear actionable steps to finally have the house of your dreams.

Topics we will cover:

  • 1. The BUILDING Process
  • 2. The REMODELING Process
  • 3. Should you BUILD or REMODEL
  • 4. Assembling your DREAM Team
  • 5. Which Loan is RIGHT For You
  • 6. YOUR Next Steps

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