Just because you’re retired doesn’t mean your days of making money are behind you.

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       Just because you’re retired doesn’t mean your days of making money are behind you. In fact, retirement is the perfect time to finally pursue that passion project you never had time for while you were working a 9-to-5. And the good news is, there are plenty of ways to make money doing what you love. Here are a few ideas to get you started. Turn Your Hobby into a Side Hustle:

  • What is your hobby?
  • Photography
    • Sell photos on your own website
    • Craft marketplaces
    • Enter photo contests
    • Freelance Writing
      • There’s a high demand for good writers
        • Write a book sharing experience – parenting, marriage, pets
      • Check out freelance marketplaces like Fiveer and Upwork
      • Write a blog post 
        • Big online publications hire writers
    • Become a Tour Guide
      • Adventure guide
      • City walking tours
      • Food tours or wine tours – Specialty that you enjoy
    • Real Estate
      • Buy rentals
      • Renovate and flip homes
      • Invest in commercial real estate
    • Create a small business
      • Start an online small business (minimal startup costs) no store front or employees
      • Work as a consultant in your area of expertise
      • Start a bed and breakfast

                                     .      If you love planning events and are creative

  • Organize wellness retreats
    • Party planning
      • Birthday parties / engagements / office events
    • Handcrafting
      • Sewing / crotchet (scarves, hats, socks) / quilting / pottery / baskets
    • Finance
      • Teach basic budgeting
      • Financial planning
        • Guidebook
        • Create a video for YouTube and get paid from ads and brand deals
    • Yoga
      • Offer private yoga for beginners’ classes – 1 on 1
      • Teach yoga for corporate offices
      • Teach yoga online 
    • Gardening
      • Plants – on a small scale – if you have a green thumb
        • Sell plants to flower shops or vendors
        • Sell fresh produce – fruits, vegetables, herbs
    • Cooking
      • Create and sell recipe books
      • Start a YouTube channel about your ways of cooking
      • Teach others how to cook

                                .    Cook meals for busy families

  • Airbnb or VRBO
    • Have an extra room or separate space 
      • You have control of who you rent to – for how long and when
    • Extra storage (unused basement or garage) or a shed      
      • Can be rented out for others to store their belongings
    • Car or RV rent out            
      • Find a car-sharing platform online and list your vehicle
        • Securing insurance and vehicle protection is a must
    • Pet sitting
      • If you love animals – list the types of animals that you could care for
        • Dogs, cats, birds, fish, etc
    • Babysitting
      • In high demand
      • After school care 
        • Tutoring could work in well also
    • Teach or Tutor
      • English / Math
      • Painting

There are plenty of ways to make money in retirement doing what you love. So if you’re looking for ways to supplement your income in retirement, consider turning your hobby into a side hustle, freelancing with your existing skillset, or starting a consulting business based on your years of experience. With a little creativity and effort, you can easily find ways to make money doing what you love—giving you the perfect way to enjoy a prosperous retirement on your own terms.

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