Divorce and Cash Flow

As we all know, finances are one of the biggest reasons why couples divorce. But after the decision to divorce is made, emotions tend to take over. Couples focus on how the divorce will affect their lifestyle, their children, their extended families. Each may blame the other for causing what will be most likely a […]

Salary you need to make to afford a home in the US

We’ve all wondered when driving through a neighborhood, how much does that home cost or what does someone have to make a year to afford that? Now you don’t have to wonder! We put together what salary you need to make to afford the average priced home home in Colorado. Have some fun with this […]

5 Reverse Mortgage Myths. Understand How a Reverse Mortgage Really Works.

5 Reverse Mortgage Myths The reverse mortgage is formally known as the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM–pronounced “heck´um”), can help retirees improve their cash flow and lengthen their portfolio longevity. It is a safe and common among retired homeowners. But even with its growing popularity, there are still many misconceptions. Let us help you understand […]

7 Things NOT To Do While You Are Buying A House

Have you recently been pre-approved on a house or plan to start house hunting for that perfect home? Do you want to ensure that your home buying process is as simple as it can be and that everything goes as planned? Then make sure you follow these 7 Things NOT To Do While You Are […]

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Emailing Your Past Clients

One of your most important audiences is the one you most likely take for granted. Past clients make up a huge portion of your business, but without the right messaging, they can slip out of the conversion funnel like the coldest of leads… If you talk to past clients like they aren’t clients, pretty soon…they […]