How to Get Leads from Likes and Comments

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So you just landed an awesome new listing that you are pumped to advertise! You meticulously create the embellishment for the money shot.

Come up with clever copy showcasing just enough features of the listing to spark some interest. Then, finish it off with a perfect magic link clearly directing the user to ‘click here’ for all the information they need. After you boost it for $100 for a couple of days to your “magic million” audience…

What Not To Do

Leads start flowing in and your ad is getting lots of likes, link clicks and people tagging others.

But, then you get that first comment asking:

1. What’s the price?
2. What’s the location?
3. How many bedrooms?
4. How does the process work?

Don’t throw away all the work you just did.

The Biggest Pitfall

You can put together a beautiful Just Listed post, boost it to the right audience, and generate an abysmal number of leads. How does this happen? Take a look at the comments.

Providing all this information publicly immediately affects your engagement and your lead count.

Think about it from a buyer’s perspective. If you really were interested in the property and liked the photo, but then you saw the information and realized it’s in an area you don’t like (or it’s out of your budget), why would you still “click here” for price & location?

You just lost a lead.

What To Do

A beautiful picture gallery and just enough information to intrigue make this a great ad, but the follow-up is what makes it a great lead magnet.

Directly messaging each of those potential leads the information they want shows that you’re responsive, while also making sure it’s not revealed to any others.

It’s a win-win situation.

But don’t just stop there.

6 steps to maximize these Facebook interactions

1. Like their comment.

2. Send a private message thanking them for reaching out and ask for a good email address to send the info they are requesting.

3. Manually enter their name, email, and other contact info into your CRM/database. Then place them on the proper drip action plan.

4. Send them an email with the info they requested – use a dedicated email template for Facebook leads. In the email, ask for a good phone number and put them on your buyer or seller leads action plan accordingly to get them on the drip campaign.

5. Reply back to their message telling them to check their email (and remind them to check their spam folder as messages from non-friends often go into a different inbox). Then immediately follow with an open-ended question to try to continue the conversation. Ex) “are you planning to buy soon or are you just casually looking?”

6. Immediately reply back to their original comment on the post, letting them know to check their inbox. This also notifies all of the other people who commented on the photo as well.

Pro Tip #1

Every time someone likes your post you have the ability to click on the full list of likes as an admin of the page and invite EVERY single person who is there to like your ENTIRE business page. This is a great free and easy way to acquire more likes and grow your following. As long as your Facebook pixel is installed, each person who likes your page will get retargeted to on Facebook and they will see your future promotions, which ultimately increases your opportunities.

Pro Tip #2

Go through older posts (2 weeks or older) and write a comment (whether it be to inform of a price drop, open house, anything) just for the simple fact that everyone who originally commented will get a notification again on the post – bringing it back to being top of mind.

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